Skyscraper construction

Overhead, wall jib and underslung cranes for skyscraper construction with lifting heights over 154 m.

Crane Type 2x Double girder overhead crane
4x Wall jib crane
2x Hängekran
max. Capacity 2,5 t
4 t t
4 t
Span / Jib 18,8 m
7,5 m
13,3 m
Height of lift 154 m
130 m
130 m
Hubgeschwindigkeit bei max. Last 40 m/min
20 m/min
20 m/min
Travel speeds crane / trolley 20/10 m/min
Frequency inverter Cranes / Trolleys / Hoists
FEM - group 3m
Special features
  • Cranes inside and on top of the building to place parts where the luffing jib cranes cannot reach
  • Double girder overhead cranes on top of the skyscraper which grow together with the building
  • Wind protection brackets for crane and trolley to prevent components from lifting off by wind
  • Huge lifting heights and high lifting speeds up to 40 m/min