Automatic cranes

  • Almost all KÜHNEZUG cranes are available as automatic cranes
  • Semiautomatic or fully automatic control
  • Load positioning precision of ± 1 mm
  • Networking with your IT infrastructure is possible

KÜHNEZUG automatic cranes are controlled by modern electronic components. The programming of the work processes can be made by a user-friendly controller inter face. The use of different load handling devices such as grabs or magnets is possible. This load handling devices can be moved at high speeds or with high precision. With modern measuring and control technology our automatic cranes can reach a positioning accuracy of ± 1 mm. Due to this adaptability our systems are able to cope with almost any task. The modularity of our control software allows the crane to network with an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or a storage system.

Please contact us for your special design function and tell us your needs – We’ll be happy to help.